Beyt Al Chai

Area: Marina Bay Rooms: 2561 Free: Wifi



5 suites of which; 3 Sultan, 2 Prince


Everything about Beyt al Chai rooms is as authentic old Zanzibari as the great house itself.The 5 bedrooms and suites are divided in three categories,SULTAN ROOMS,Beyt Al Chai


The Beyt Al Chai Hotel has the rare advantage of being part of a group that includes two sister beach resorts located a short drive away from it's the city - the Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa and the Sultan Sands Islands Resorts. This enables the Beyt Al Chai Hotel to offer its guests a variety and scope of facilities well beyond the reach of a normal city hotel. Besides the services at the Hotel itself, guests at the Hotel have access to most of the facilities available at the two beach resorts. The following are the facilities/services available at Beyt Al Chai or sister resorts (Bluebay Beach Resort & Spa and Sultan Sands Island Resort


Known throughout the world as the jewel of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has a romantic and colourful history of seafarers and explorers. But it is just as famous for providing some of the most exhilarating and challenging big game fishing anywhere in the world. Guests at the Beyt al Chai can experience big game fishing with a choice of two bountiful fishing grounds. The first is the water between Zanzibar and its smaller sibling island, Pemba, home to excellent and world famous big game fishing grounds. The alternative is a trip further south to the less trodden waters of Mafia Island (yes, there is such a place!) and Latham Island, providing fishing grounds which are almost untouched as only a few local fishermen take the fish. With large schools of barracuda, wahoo, king fish and giant travelli in the area all year round, and seasonal visits from many other species, the fishing off Zanzibar is an experience people never forget. Zanzibar is fortunate in having superb fishing almost all year round.

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