Kiwayu Village

Area: Marina Bay Rooms: 2561 Free: Wifi



The resort has a total of 18 spacious bandas.


A maximum of 36 guests can stay in the 18 spacious and beautifully decorated local-style cottages (bandas) spread out along the shoreline. These bandas are designed to blend into the dunes - no concrete, no nails, nothing to jar the senses. The dining room and bar are also built in the local Bajuni tradition with palm-thatched roofs and woven matting floors, all open-sided to the beach.


18 fully furnished cottages. Garden. Swimming Pool . Scuba Diving and other water sports activities. Health & Fitness facilities.


Laser sailing. Windsurfing. Snorkeling. Body Boarding. Kayaking. Deep Sea fishing. Reef fishing. Creek fishing in the mangrove channels. Guided dune walks / bird watching. Evening Dhow cruises. Visit to Swahili fishing village of Mkokoni. Mangrove trips in motorized canoe. Private Lunch on Kiwayu Island. Private Lunch on Kongoali beach. Day-trips to Lamu by boat (or by scenic flight, by prior arrangement)

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