Mnemba Island Lodge

Area: Marina Bay Rooms: 2561 Free: Wifi



The Lodge offers 10 secluded bandas.


The 10 secluded bandas has a spacious veranda and is hidden in the shade of a tropical beach forest, fringed by the pristine beaches. The Lodge has, detailed woodcarvings and the scrolled beds are created by some of the Islands most skilled artisans. A palm-covered walkway leads to en-suite bathroom with shower and basin. Behind the bed a partition opens up to the wardrobes and storage areas before a small corridor takes guests to the rooms stunning en-suite bathrooms. The architecture of the Lodge offers a rustic exclusivity and privacy unparalleled on the African coastline.


Swimming pool. Dining room. Lounge. Bar. 10 bandas. Spa and massage. Wireless internet.


Diving. Snorkeling. Kayaking. Fly-fishing. Wind-surfing. Bird watching, Walks around the Island. Sundowner Dhow cruises.

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