Tarangire Sopa Lodge

Area: Marina Bay Rooms: 2561 Free: Wifi



While the lodge's circular guest suites with their high, conical roofs fan out to either side of the public areas, it is worth mentioning a word of caution here. Because the lodge is not fenced in any way, wild animals are at liberty to come and go as they please and transits to guests' rooms and back might be - but rarely - delayed by an elephant or two. This is the only reason the lodge's guards will insist on taking guests to and fro at night


Built on different levels, the main public area building offers an extremely cool respite from the outdoor heat as soon as guests step into the reception. With a perfumed towel and a chilled welcome drink in hand, they suddenly become aware of the sheer size of the lobby with its glistening marble floors, colourful hand-woven carpets, and an incredibly high roof.


Hairdryers, Swimming Pool, Baby Sitting, Laundry, Telephone at Reception. Bird Watching. Mosquito Nets


Birding. Game drives.

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