Treetops Lodge

Area: Marina Bay Rooms: 2561 Free: Wifi


The lodge lies at an altitude of about 6,450 feet (3,900 Metres) above sea level. The evenings and nights can be quite chilly and sometimes of the year very foggy.


36 rooms comprising of 3 suites and 33 standard rooms


All en-suite have twin beds that can be converted to king size double bed. Disabled friendly room - Located on 1st floor with a ramp to enable access to other public areas. The main bar is offers views of the watering hole.


Dinner and breakfast served on board in the main dining room. Located on one of the viewing Decks is a lounge and a bar which remains open all night for tea and coffee.


This tour takes you to the moorlands that comprise of undulating hills, bogs, clear mountain streams, numerous waterfalls and magnificent views.bamboo and mountain woodlands of Juniper, Podo and Nuxia.
Solio Ranch Game Drive: is a privately owned wildlife conservancy located in Kenyas Rift Valley Provincewhich is a protected area geared toward rhino conservation. The 17,500-acre reserve, 22 km north of Nyeri Town,

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