• Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels | England


    We had planned our 3 week African Safari to Tanzania and Kenya almost a year in advance. We could hardly wait for our adventure to begin, especially since this was going to be our first migration experience. It was all well worth the wait! Our itinerary was fantastic, camps were great and our guides were awesome.

  • Mumo Warutumo

    Mumo Warutumo | Gusii


    Every detail was thought out and executed flawlessly, including the "wee hours of the morning" pick up at the airport. Our vehicles were reliable, comfortable, and always had plenty of bottled water. It was great not to worry about a thing!! Can't wait to book another safari!!

  • Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson | America


    Despite the rains at the time of the safari, the vehicles (4x4 land cruisers) were strong enough to handle the rough terrain.

  • Kelly Jones

    Kelly Jones | UK


    Thank you MTO for organizing such a wonderful safari at Mahaili Mzuri. I have been travelling to Kenya for the last twenty years and have never had such a wonderful experience. Everything went like clockwork and was very well organised. Such a wonderful experience and absolute heaven on earth. Feel really spoiled and privileged to have experienced something so unique. Don't anyone miss this it is an experience of a life time.

  • Agnes Shixx

    Agnes Shixx | Canada


    Hello Team MTO, The experience was one to die for and the tour guide was out of this world. Can't wait for another experience with you. Best regards.

  • Laura Moralles

    Laura Moralles | Spain


    It was such a great and exciting time to have you taking us and our visitors from the Netherlands to the Maasai Mara National Park. The tour was very well organized, drivers were on time to pick us and drove very carefully. They were very friendly,informative and constantly took time to explain about the animals and the plantation in the Mara.
    It is my pleasure to recommend you to any other person interested in taking a safari to Kenya.


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